VMSbase is an R suite for the analysis of vessel monitoring system (VMS) and logbook data, which constitute two of the primary sources of information for spatially explicit models of the fishing effort. It is conceived to solve many of the nuisance details related to this specific kind of data, providing a straightforward path from data massaging and management to sophisticated analyses and outputs.

VMSbase package gives you the tools you need to process, analyze and plot your VMS and Logbook data. With VMSbase you can easily visualize data in different ways, discover geographic patterns, and convey that information in a straightforward manner. VMSbase provides everything you need to extract information from VMS data with a single, easy-to-use package which combines the potentiality of R with a user-friendly graphical interface.


VMSbase main interface













The main advantages of VMSbase are:

  • It allows processing and storing large VMS and Logbook datasets as SQL databases
  • It is equipped with a system of graphical interfaces that facilitate the usage
  • It is endowed with state-of-the-art methods to process VMS and Logbook data
  • it allows assigning depth to each VMS ping